Camping policy

Roadside sites are provided for the safety, comfort, convenience and enjoyment of the traveling public. Activities which are not safety related are not compatible with the intended use of the roadside facility. Wisconsin Statute 86.025 prohibits camping by any person on public highways or adjacent lands.


WisDOT, for safety and operational reasons, discourages citizens from using any WisDOT site for geocaching purposes. Any "cache" found by site staff will be disposed of promptly.

Hunting policy

It is necessary to ensure that all Department operated roadside facilities provide a safe environment for the traveling public at all times. This includes safety during various hunting seasons. No person may load or discharge a firearm on roadside facility property (other than law enforcement officers). WisDOT policy prohibits hunting on highway right-of-way land unless specifically allowed.

Long-term parking

Roadside sites are provided for the safety, comfort, convenience and enjoyment of the traveling public. Long term parking at highway safety rest areas is not allowed, as it is not consistent with the purpose and design of the facilities and can cause problems relative to the use and maintenance of the site.

Long term would be considered as vehicles parked at a roadside site for more than a 24-hour continuous period, occupied or not. If a vehicle is parked at a roadside facility for more than this time period, it may be reported to the State Patrol and the procedure for removal will begin.

Service animals

Wisconsin Act 354 - A person with disabilities or a service animal trainer who is accompanied by a service animal is permitted to accompany the person with a disability or the service animal trainer to all areas of the public place that are open to the general public. This would include restrooms, vending area and any public locations inside the facility.

Non-service animals

​All animals other than service animals, whether in transport cages or not, are NOT allowed inside the safety ​rest area building. Non-service animals are to be confined in the owner's vehicle or may use the designated pet walk area when accompanied by the owner. All animals are to be leashed while on the safety rest area premises.