Rustic Roads Guide

2020 Rustic Roads Guide CoverThe 2021 Wisconsin Rustic Roads Guide is currently only available as a PDF or an online interactive document. Printed guides will be available in the future, but printing has been delayed. Please check back here for further updates.

You may need Adobe Reader to view the PDF and can download it free of charge. This is a large file (15 MB) and may take several minutes to download.

Printing tips:

Option 1: If you choose to print this guide, use the PDF version of the book, printing on 8.5 by 11 inch paper, selecting the "portrait” and “actual size” settings for best results. Because of the large number of color photos, it is recommended to print only a small number of pages at a time. Consider printing single pages of the Rustic Roads of interest to you.

Option 2: Print from the individual webpages found in the Rustic Roads maps and descriptions section of this website. These pages contain fewer photos.