eMV Fleet

eMV Fleet

The eMV Fleet Registration System allows a fleet customer to create and manage fleets of their vehicles (owned or leased).

Users of eMV F​leet can:

  • process registration renewals​
  • order replacement plates (when processing renewal)
  • receive renewal notification by email
  • receive the vehicle certificate of registration instantly via a PDF
  • have stickers available instantly
  • update their vehicle kept in information
  • self-certify their non-operation period
  • renew a vehicle for multiple quarters or months

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New Fleet plate for qualified customers

Fleet operators with ten or more standard or light-truck vehicles and enrolled in eMV Fleet Registration System may qualify for this plate embossed with "FLEET" and it does not need annual registration stickers. 

eMV Fleet / Fleet Plate Team
Email DOTEMVFLEET@dot.wi.gov 
Phone (608) 266-6727​

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