Transportation security regarding hazardous materials


Hazardous waste licenses are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). They require transporters of hazardous waste to obtain a license to haul the waste and the company must meet strict documentation requirements.

  • The drivers of trucks hauling hazardous waste or materials are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation. Drivers must obtain proper endorsements for their operator's license through testing and must provide multiple proofs of identity.

Should the public be concerned?

Both hazardous materials and hazardous wastes are transported daily with little or no risk to the public. Regular shipments of gasoline, propane, acid and other substances are delivered across Wisconsin.

  • State agencies have increased their inspection of motor carriers and individuals that are licensed to transport these materials.
  • Transport companies are being advised to review their hiring practices and to be extra cautious in their procedures. They have also been cautioned to never leave their vehicles unattended.