Laws related to vehicle sales

For more information on specific requirements regarding motor vehicle sales, please refer to the statutes and administrative codes summarized below. Copies of the Statutes and Administrative Code may be viewed at the website of the Wisconsin Legislature at the links below:

Wisconsin Administrative Code

Chapter Trans 132 - details the requirements for selling and issuing the cardboard temporary license plates.

Chapter Trans 137 - refers to motor vehicle manufacturer licenses and the procedures for "converters" to obtain licenses and issue manufacturer statements of origin (MSO).

Chapter Trans 138 - lists the requirements for dealer facilities and records, including consignment sales.

Chapter Trans 139 - relates to trade practice requirements for motor vehicle dealers and salespersons, including advertising, vehicle disclosure, warranties and the motor vehicle purchase contract.

Chapter Trans 140 - relates to bond requirements for salespeople and dealers, and motor vehicle financial eligibility requirements.

Chapter Trans 141 - relates to electronic processing of titles and registrations by dealers.

Chapter Trans 154 - relates to odometer replacement and disclosure requirements.

Chapter Trans 156 - explains the Automated Processing Partnership Program.

Chapter Trans 305 - details the standards for motor vehicle equipment.

Wisconsin Statutes

Chapter 218 - provides definitions of motor vehicle dealers and salespeople, and describes the licensing system, fees and penalties.

Chapter 340 - defines most motor vehicle and highway terms.

Chapter 341 - details vehicle registration law including types of vehicle registration, fees, and eligibility.

Chapter 342 - relates to vehicle titles and transfers.

Chapter 343 - details laws about driver licenses and responsibilities.

Chapter 347 - refers to vehicle equipment requirements and odometer tampering.

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