Mailing completed work

All titles and/or the Manufacturer Certificates of Origin (MCO) need to be mailed to DMV for imaging along with the eMV11 receipt. Supporting documents for the title transactions should be kept in the deal jacket.

Prepare the title document for mailing:

  • The eMV11 receipt for the first title transaction of the day should be placed on top of the title.
  • If additional title transactions are completed on the same day, continue to build your mailing bundle by placing the second receipt and title behind the first receipt and title.
  • Transactions that have been completed and reset later that day require a reset slip. The system will automatically prompt you to print one, if necessary. When prompted, print a copy of the eMV11 reset slip. Place the eMV11 reset slip in your completed work where the eMV11 receipt and title would have been placed.

Remove all staples and paperclips when mailing in the titles or MCOs.

Never enclose notes or send uncompleted work with your completed work.

Mail the eMV11 receipts, titles or MCOs, or eMV11 Reset form (example) - (if needed) using the yellow mailing label the next business day after the transaction is completed. Write the last title number from that day’s title transactions on the mailing label (the new eMV11 title number). Please do not put more than one day's processing in an envelope.

For assistance using the yellow mailing labels, contact DMV’s Agent Partnership Unit (APU) at (608) 266-3566.



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