eMV11 FAQs

Contact questions

How do I access the system when I work from a remote location or with a different computer and don't have the link to the title processing log-in page?

  • If you have already processed titles using eMV11, then you can access the system from anywhere or any computer.
  • If you plan on printing from a remote location or a different computer, you will also have to change your Adobe reader settings. See step #6.

Who do I contact about problems with a password or signing onto the system?

For questions regarding the sign-on process, user-ID, user roles, or password questions, call DMV’s Dealer Licensing Unit at (608) 266-1425 and select prompt #1.

Phones are answered between the hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

You can also email your questions.

Who do I direct processing questions to?

For questions related to the completion of electronic title/registration applications, contact the DMV’s Agent Partnership Unit (APU) at (608) 266-3566 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday or email your questions.

Processing questions

What about mopeds?

New mopeds or mopeds with an out-of-state title can be processed using eMV11, with new plates being issued. Mopeds that have an existing Wisconsin title are not able to be processed at this time.

I need to print a copy or extra copy of the eMV11 receipt. What do I do?

From the Main Menu screen, select the View Reports radio button, then select Next. Select the Reprint Receipt radio button. Enter the Vehicle Identification Number then select Next. The Title Number will appear along with an Adobe Reader icon. Clicking on the icon will open the receipt and allow copies to be printed.

The yellow mailing labels have spaces for 12 digits, but the eMV11 title number has 13 digits. What numbers do I write on the label?

Write the ending eMV11 title number for that day’s work. Omit the last digit of the title number. This is actually the check-digit and is not necessary.

Does the customer have to sign the eMV11 receipt?

The customer should sign their own eMV11 receipt; this is their temporary Certificate of Registration. The dealer may require the customer to sign the dealer’s copy of the eMV11 receipt as a business rule. This is not mandatory, however.

Error message: “This is not most recent title, send to DMV for processing."

There may be a more recent title issued. You can verify this using the Vehicle Inquiry function. If a more recent title has been issued, obtain the newer title from the seller or call APU at (608) 266-3566 for assistance.

Error message: “Transaction already in progress for this title number."

The application has already been started and Pended. It can be completed by selecting Retrieve For Update and Complete and entering the VIN. The application can then be processed to completion.

What I do if the new plate issued by eMV11 has the wrong expiration date?

When issuing a new plate, the date of delivery determines the expiration date. If the delivery date was entered incorrectly, reset the transaction and process with the correct delivery date.

Problems searching for non-individuals: The system returns a number of results, but none are a match. Now what?

The eMV11 system will not let you create a non-individual customer record unless there are no results from the search. The search criteria needs to be narrowed by adding a zip code or other additional name/address information. Perform another search. This should allow a new record to be created if the correct record is not found.

What do I do if eMV11 doesn’t find the record for a plate that is being transferred? Here are some tips to use when you have problems transferring a plate:

  • Personalized plates use the number zero, not the alpha character O.
  • Do not use spaces.
  • An incorrect plate type (e.g. AUT, LTK, KID) may have been selected.
  • Contact the customer if the plate number was recorded incorrectly.
  • Try vehicle inquiry if the plate came from the trade in. Enter the VIN to view plate information.

Applications that could not be completed

Applications that cannot be processed using eMV11 are to be mailed to DMV for regular processing. This requires the complete application, including all necessary documents and fees.

P.O. Box 7949
Madison, WI 53707-7949

Ordering additional yellow mailing labels

Dealerships can now order mailing labels online using eMV11. Select Bank Account Information and Forms from the Main Menu and click on "Order mailing labels." Select the quantity of mailing label packs using the dropdown list (maximum 6 packs of 50 each). Select NEXT to submit your order.

Errors and resets (deletes)

If you need to change or correct a completed transaction, it must be reset on the same day it was completed. If the application was Pended (saved), but not completed, it may be reset at any time. See Section 10 of the eMV11 User Manual for further details and instructions regarding resetting transactions.

Access the eMV11 User manual

eMV11 Reset form (example)

If you discover an error and cannot reset the application, contact DMV's Agent Partnership Unit (APU) at (608) 266-3566 for assistance in correcting the error.



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