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Lease Buyout Processing

With eMV PARTNER, dealers have the option to identify lease buyout transactions when processing. When a lease customer is buying the vehicle they are currently leasing, dealers must select the check box for "Transaction is to include a Lease Buyout."

Once the check box is selected, the system will pre-populate the owner information.

It is important to select this check box to avoid having the transaction appear on the late title report.

eMV Partner 

Autocycle Registration

Effective May 1, Wisconsin law re-classified a 3-wheeled vehicle with a steering wheel and a seat that drivers do not straddle as an AUTOCYCLE.

  • Most autocycles in Wisconsin are Polaris Slingshots.
  • Dealers licensed to sell autos, and cycle dealers that sold these vehicles prior to May 1, 2020, are authorized to sell them.
  • Authorized dealers and third-party title agents can issue a temporary plate; mail all title applications to DMV for processing.
  • The new “autocycle” license plate is the same size as a motorcycle plate, and DMV will mail the plates after title/registration are complete. Registration fee is $45/year; plates expire annually on 4/30. 
  • Autocycles are subject to late fee for license plate renewals, wheel tax, odometer disclosure, and mandatory display (temporary plate required).
  • Autocycles are not subject to emissions tests.

DMV is contacting customers who own these, because these vehicles were previously titled and registered as motorcycles.

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