Ignition Interlock Device (IID)

An ignition interlock device (IID), often known as a breathalyzer, is a tool that measures breath-alcohol concentration by blowing into a mouthpiece before the vehicle will start. Judges in Wisconsin are required to order an IID for (see Wisconsin Act 100):

  • ALL repeat OWI offenders
  • ALL first time OWI offenders with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.15 percent or higher
  • ALL drivers who refuse to provide a breath or blood sample for a chemical test at a traffic stop

  • IIDs are required to be installed on every vehicle owned by or registered to you, regardless of what type of vehicle (car, truck, motor home, etc.).
    • An IID is not required on motorcycles, mopeds or autocycles.
  • If you no longer own or operate a vehicle that is currently in your name, you must contact the convicting court to have the vehicle exempt from the IID requirement. The court will fill out and electronically submit the form to the DMV. You will receive a copy of the exemption form from the court for your records.
  • The convicting court will determine how long you are required to have an IID installed in your vehicle. The court electronically submits this information to the DMV. The duration of the IID requirement will be on the conviction status report that was provided to you by the court.
  • After you have been convicted of the OWI, your IID time requirement will start once you have been issued either a Wisconsin driver license or Wisconsin occupational license. See Occupational License page for more information on obtaining an occupational license.
    • The IID Restriction time requirement will only begin when a license is issued on or after the date of conviction. This means that you can choose not to drive, however you cannot “wait out” the IID time requirement.
    • Courts may order the IID restriction to begin immediately, however the time requirement will not start until a Wisconsin license has been issued.
  • Failure to install, early removal, or tampering could result in your driver license privileges being cancelled.
  • Anyone subject to an IID order may not operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration above 0.02.

IIDs are leased from and installed by an IID service provider for the duration of the restriction time requirement, typically a minimum of 12 months, but the duration is determined by the convicting court.

If you have an annual income less than 150% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), you may qualify for a reduced price, but you must work with the convicting court to determine if you are eligible.

To find the closest approved IID service provider, view the interactive map below.

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There are no exceptions for individuals with medical or other conditions from a mandatory IID order.

  • If you are unable to provide an acceptable sample, you may be able to change to a different IID. Call your IID installer for assistance.
  • State law requires that all drivers meet minimum physical standards to be eligible for a driver license. If you assert that you are incapable of providing successful breath samples, you may be required to comply with the medical evaluation requirements detailed in ch. Trans 112, Wisconsin Administrative Code. This requires that you pay for a medical examination and may include behind-the-wheel testing by DMV.

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