Reinstate a revoked or suspended driver license

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If your operating privilege is suspended, revoked or disqualified, you will need to reinstate it.  

​The difference between revocation and suspension

Both revocation and suspension of one’s driving privilege make it illegal to operate a motor vehicle on public roadways. The difference between revocation and suspension are:

  • the penalties
  • the requirements to reinstate your driving privileges


  • The first driving-after-revocation conviction can be either a criminal or civil offense, depending on the reason the operating privilege is revoked.
  • Second and subsequent driving-after-revocation​ convictions are criminal offenses.  Penalties may include jail time.


  • ​Driving-while-suspended convictions are civil offenses​. Penalties do not include jail time.

Proof of insurance

Wisconsin may require you to file an SR22 proof of insurance certificate as a requirement to reinstate your operating privilege. 

  • Check online if you are required to file proof of insurance, for how long you are required to file and if you have acceptable insurance on file.
  • To reinstate from a revocation, you must file proof of insurance in all cases except:
    • first offense Operating While Intoxicated (OWI)
    • noncompliance with Alcohol or Other Drug assessment
    • noncompliance with a Driver Safety Plan
    • noncompliance with Driver Safety Plan – new arrest while in a plan
  • To reinstate from a suspension, you are not required to file filing proof of insurance except for:
    • ​suspension cases​ under the safety responsibility and damage judgment laws (uninsured motorist)

How to reinstate your driving privilege

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