Airport wildlife hazard areas

​The Bureau of Aeronautics manages spatial features and attribute data for airport wildlife hazard areas of concern at each public use airport within the State of Wisconsin.

The airport wildlife hazard areas for each airport have been developed by WisDOT and are based on requirements outlined in FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5200-33C​. Each area extends from the airport reference point for each airport.

This data is intended to provide general guidance and a geospatial reference for managing land use and wildlife hazard issues in and around Wisconsin public-use airports, specifically to make contractors and consultants aware of these areas as they pertain to off-airport construction or excavation projects.​

​​​​Data Layer
Airport Reference Point Buffers
​The 6​-mile airport reference point buffers provide a general area to consider management for airport wildlife hazards. Data is available in several formats from the WisDOT GIS Open Data Portal

Please contact Michael Menon,, if you have questions regarding wildlife attractant hazards associated with the airport wildlife hazard areas​ and how they impact projects in Wisconsin.

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