Airport reference points

Airport reference points​Airport References Points (ARP) - An airport reference point is the center point of an airport, located at the geometric center of all the usable runways. WisDOT has developed buffer rings for private and public use airports. They are based on requirements outlined in chapter 5 of the Wisconsin Facilities Development Manual.

This data provides general guidance and airport information for highway construction projects in and around Wisconsin airports.​

​It specifically makes contractors and consultants aware of these areas, as well as providing contact information for both public and private-use airports.​

​Data format​Data layer​Description​Metadata
kmz​Airport reference points (ARP) and buffers​Airport reference points and buffers with Wisconsin airport data in kmz file format for use with Google Earth Metadata
shp​​​Airport reference points (ARP) and buffers​​Airport reference points and buffers with Wisconsin airport data in shape file format for use with ArcGIS Desktop GIS software

Note: Private use airports with 2 mile buffers are only shown for airports that are listed within the FAA's National Flight Data Center (NFDC) database. Google Earth may show additional airports that are not included within this set of data. Please contact Brenda Hanson,, (608) 266-1905 for additional information.

Please submit airport reference point data updates to: