Freight Railroad Infrastructure Improvement Program

The Freight Rail Infrastructure Improvement Program (FRIIP) is one of two freight rail assistance programs WisDOT currently administers (also see the Freight Rail Preservation Program [FRPP]). Wisconsin’s original rail assistance program was created in 1977 to help preserve freight rail service during an era when widespread railroad bankruptcies and line abandonments threatened the availability of rail service in Wisconsin.

Initially, the program was limited to grants to local governments because of constitutional restrictions on state assistance to railroads. But in 1992, Wisconsin voters approved a constitutional amendment that allowed state money to fund railroads as a type of internal improvement.

In 1992 the FRIIP loan program was added to the state’s rail assistance program. FRIIP loans enable the state to encourage a broader array of improvements to the rail system, particularly on privately owned lines. It also provides funding for other rail related projects such as loading and trans-loading facilities. Statutory information about Wisconsin freight railroad assistance can be found in Wis. Stats. 85.08.

The FRIIP provides up to 100% loans for rail projects that:

  • Connect an industry to the national railroad system
  • Make improvements to enhance transportation efficiency, safety, and intermodal freight movement
  • Accomplish line rehabilitation
  • Develop the economy

Since 1992, $128 million in FRIIP loans have been awarded. Today's available funding is from the repayment of prior loans.

FRIIP Intermodal Facility Grants and Loans

Grants and loans are now available for intermodal facility improvements and studies. Grants are limited to a maximum of $375,000 per project for facility improvements and $200,000 each for studies. For applicant and project eligibility and application requirements, please review the instructions below.


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