Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

The Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) is a legislative program that was authorized in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (commonly abbreviated as BIL), the federal transportation law signed by President Biden on November 19, 2021. With certain exceptions, projects that met eligibility criteria for the Safe Routes to School Program, Transportation Enhancements, and/or the Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities Program are eligible TAP projects.

All TAP projects require sponsors to pay 20% of approved project costs. Federal TAP funds are capped at the time of the project. A TAP project may not be substituted for another project. TAP projects must commence within four years of the award date.

TAP projects within the jurisdiction of a Transportation Management Area (TMA) are selected at the regional level by TMAs, which are metropolitan planning organizations with a population over 200,000. TMA contact information is provided below.

​2024-2028 Transportation Alternatives​ Program​​​ (Application deadline was October 27, 2023)

Previous TAP awards

Change Management

Sponsor’s G​uide and training requirements

The Sponsor’s Guide to Non-Traditional Transportation Project Implementation (Sponsor’s Guide) provides information and instructions to Sponsors to help them successfully develop locally let federally funded transportation projects in accordance with Federal and State laws and regulations.

Sponsors of non-infrastructure and/or planning projects should note that some of the Sponsor’s Guide will not apply to non-infrastructure activities.

The Sponsor must become familiar with the Sponsor’s Guide so that they understand the responsibilities they are accepting when applying for the benefit of using Federal Funding. Beginning with projects awarded in 2010, Sponsors constructing locally let projects must attend a one-day training session. The training session instructs Sponsors on the local letting process and results in certification to administer and deliver these projects.

The Sponsor's Guide, Certification form and additional resources are available at the link below.

Regional local program contacts

Please direct TAP questions to the appropriate WisDOT contact person listed below.

Southwest Region

Brandi Workman​
Phone: (608) 785-9047
Fax: (608) 246-3819

Southeast Region

Tyler Beinlich
Phone: (262) 548-5856​​
Fax: (262) 521-4425

  • TMA Contact:
    Ryan Hoel
    Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission

Northeast Region

Kelsey Lorenz
Phone: (920) 492-0142​
Fax: (920) 492-5711

North Central Region

Evan Maves
Phone: (715) 365-5778​
Fax: (715) 365-5780​

Northwest Region

Randy Kirk
Phone: (715) 392-7860
Fax: (715) 635-2309

Statewide contact

Phone: ​(608) 266-9507

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