Certification and Manual for Non-Traditional Transportation Project Implementation

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Sponsor's Guide and Training Requirements

The Sponsor’s Guide to Non-Traditional Transportation Project Implementation (Sponsor’s Guide) provides comprehensive guidance to Sponsors responding to non-traditional transportation project solicitations. The Sponsor’s Guide is designed to address procedures required for project delivery through a local letting process. It should not be used for guidance on projects that are let through the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) letting process.

The following programs are categorized as non-traditional transportation projects: Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP), Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ), and Carbon Reduction Program (CRP).

Sponsors of non-infrastructure and/or planning projects should note that some aspects of the Sponsor’s Guide will not apply to their projects.

The Sponsor must become familiar with the Sponsor’s Guide so that they understand the responsibilities they are accepting when applying for federal funding. Sponsors intending to apply for non-traditional projects must complete the Sponsor's Guide certification training. The training instructs Sponsors on the local letting process and results in certification to administer and deliver these projects.

To attain certification, all Sponsors must complete the virtual certification training through WisDOT's Learn Center training modules. Please contact your region Local Program Manager (LPM) for more information.


Sponsor's Guide to Non-Traditional Transportation Project Implementation 2022

  • Materials and Equipment Purchasing Process Addendum November 2023
  • DBE Addendum June 2023

FAQs for completing the Certification for Non-Traditional Project Administration and Delivery Form

Appendix B: Sponsor's Guide checklists and forms (zipped folder)

Certification Training

Sponsor's Guide to Non-Traditional Transportation Project Implementation Certification Training (2022)

Accessing WisDOT LearnCenter

Sponsors Guide Non-Traditional Project Document Approval Designation Guidance

Certification for Local Let Contract Document

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