Wisconsin Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (WMUTCD)

In an effort to provide guidance and leadership in the stewardship of Wisconsin's roadway network, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), in conjunction with county, city and local governmental agencies collaborated to develop the WMUTCD.

This manual in combination with the Federal Highway Administration's MUTCD provides guidance on the installation and proper use of traffic control devices.

The WMUTCD pages are for the guidance of design engineers, technicians, inspection personnel, contractors, municipalities, counties, townships and others who are involved in highway design, construction, maintenance and operations.

The goal is to provide uniform application of traffic control devices and other related items used on the Wisconsin highway system.

2023 Wisconsin MUTCD Timeline

As of March 20, 2018, FHWA issued an interim approval #21 (IA-21) for Optional Use of Pedestrian-Actuated Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacons at Uncontrolled Marked Crosswalks. Memorandum | Memo for Locals

As of December 21, 2017, FHWA terminated interim approval #11 (IA-11) for optional use of rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFB). Memorandum | Informational Brief | MUTCD termination

Entire WMUTCD manual

Table of Contents and Introduction

Part 1 - General

Part 2 - Signs

Chapter 2A - General

Chapter 2B - Regulatory Signs, Barricades, and Gates

Chapter 2C - Warning Signs and Object Markers

Chapter 2D - Guide Signs - Conventional Roads

Chapter 2E - Guide Signs - Freeways and Expressways

Chapter 2F - Toll Road Signs

Chapters 2G-2H - Preferential and Managed Lane Signs and General Information Signs

Chapters 2I-2N - General Service Signs, Specific Service Signs, Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs, Changeable Message Signs, Recreational and Cultural Interest Area Signs, and Emergency Management Signing

Part 3 - Markings

Part 4 - Highway Traffic Signals

Part 5 - Traffic Control Devices for Low-Volume Roads

Part 6 - Temporary Traffic Control

Part 7 - Traffic Controls for School Areas

Part 8 - Traffic Control for Railroad and Light Rail Transit Grade Crossings

Part 9 - Traffic Control for Bicycle Facilities

Appendices A1 and A2 - Congressional Legislation and Metric Conversions

Questions or comments, please contact:

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Wisconsin Department of Transportation
(608) 246-5305