2018 TRB National Access Management Conference

WisDOT hosted the Transportation Research Board's 12th National Access Management Conference on July 17-19, 2018, in Madison, Wisconsin. The theme was:

Access Management: On Every Road, For Every One

Interstate 41 - WIS 29/32 interchange, Green Bay, WI

The conference covered the following topics:

Fundamentals: · Overview · Mobility vs. access · Safety · Operations · Public involvement · Process applications · Economics · Technical assistance · Training · Computer applications

Design: · Geometrics · Complete streets · Urban versus rural · Complete streets · Vehicles · Pedestrians · Bicycles · Transit · Research

Land use: · Business effects · Access integration · Case studies · Planning · Development · Corridor studies · Subdivisions · Traffic impacts · Zoning​

Legal: · Legislative policy · Access regulations · Municipal law · Local ordinances · Case law · Real estate appraisals · Future development risk

In addition, a one-day seminar took place on July 18 specifically designed for local officials who have an access management role in their jobs and may also have interactions with WisDOT staff. It covered these topics:

  • Access management: What is it? What are the goals and benefits? How do we accomplish it (techniques)?
  • Access management principles, practices and resources
  • Legal aspects (Wisconsin statutes and administrative rules)
  • Planning
  • Highway design and case studies
  • Permitting

View conference brochure and agenda

Conference proceedings

Recordings of conference presentations are available on TRB's access management page.

PDF files of conference presentation slides are available at this link.


​Mike Roach, Statewide Access Engineer
(608) 516-6340

​Bob Fasick, Statewide Right-of-Way Permits Engineer
(608) 266-3438

Madison, Wisconsin

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