State highway connection permits

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What is a state highway connection?​Diagram showing the driveway, road or trail between the right-of-way and the state highway is a state highway connection.

A state highway connection is a driveway, public/private road or street, or recreational trail located between property that abuts state highway right-of-way and the highway itself.

Why do I need a permit for a connection?

Under Wisconsin Statute s. 86.07(2)(a), any work in​ the highway right-of-way requires a permit from the maintaining authority of that highway.  For state highways, WisDOT requires a connection permit. Wisconsin Administrative Code Trans 231​ has additional requirements on connection permits.

Is there a cost for a permit?

There is no cost to apply for a permit. However, there may be costs associated with building the connection. See the background page for more information.

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