US 51 - Minocqua to Woodruff, Oneida County


The proposed improvement project on approximately 2 miles of US 51 in the towns of Minocqua and Woodruff. The project extends from Front Street to 3rd Avenue.

Purpose and NeedUse 51 map

The following needs have been identified along the projects:

  • Deteriorating pavements with cracking and rutting
  • Curb ramps do not meet Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards
  • Between Front Street and Torpy Park along southbound US 51, pedestrians and multi-modal uses are not adequately accommodated on the existing narrow sidewalks
  • At the existing overhead crossing beacon near Lakeview Drive, there are frequent conflicts between the existing push button poles and the snowplows; the existing crossing does not accommodate hearing impaired users

Proposed Improvements

To address project needs, proposed improvements include:

  • Pavement resurfacing
  • Upgrade curb ramps to meet Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards, where feasible
  • Evaluate new sidewalk and a multi-use path along southbound US 51 from Front Street to Torpy Park
  • Evaluate improvements to the existing overhead crossing beacon near Lakeview Drive (consider relocation of push buttons and addition of audible push buttons)
  • Install new pavement marking
  • Right of way needs will be evaluated during the project development process

Traffic Impacts

Work will be completed under single-lane closures and work is anticipated to be scheduled around peak visitor periods and holidays. Access will be maintained to adjacent property owners during construction.

Real Estate

Minor temporary easements are required to accommodate curb ramp and sidewalk replacements and to manage pedestrian traffic around the work areas during construction. Preliminary temporary easements are shown on the exhibits.

WisDOT will contact any impacted property owners directly. WisDOT expects to begin real estate acquisition in Fall 2022. Please see below for a landowner rights pamphlet.

Recreational lands are present in the project area and require consideration during the design process. No work will occur within the parklands at Torpy Park or Veteran’s Park. Access will remain to the parklands during and after construction.

Proposed Schedule

  • Public Involvement - Spring 2022
  • Environmental document – Summer 2022
  • Right of way plat – Fall 2022
  • Real estate negotiations – Fall 2022 to Spring 2024
  • Final plans – May 2024
  • Construction currently scheduled – 2025

Public Involvement

Knowledge of any community events, area improvement projects and other factors that may affect the schedule or scope of the proposed improvements would be beneficial to us. We anticipate additional public involvement activities prior to finalizing the improvement project design and impacts which will meet the schedule we will discuss.

Public Meeting

Wisconsin Department of Transportation(WisDOT) Northeast Region held a public involvement meeting on Monday, May 2, 2022 to discuss proposed improvements on approximately 2 miles of US 51 between Front Street and 3rd Avenue in the towns of Minocqua and Woodruff in Oneida County.

WisDOT has created a public handout for this project. Please feel free to download, print and share with anyone who does not have access to this website. The handout include a prepaid mailer for public comments. The comment period has ended.

Public comments

Your comments assist us in developing a project that will serve the needs of the traveling public as well as the needs of the local community. Your input is welcome and appreciated throughout the design process. Provide comment in the following ways:

  • Fill out the comment form and mail to WisDOT contact address
  • Email comments or questions to the contact listed below
  • Call the project manager (contact information below)

In This Together program for businesses

WisDOT recognizes businesses located in work zones have special needs. It's critical that customers have access to businesses and that they continue to visit them, regardless of any road work inconvenience. WisDOT's In This Together program is offered to business and community leaders as an idea source as they plan for road construction in their area. On the In This Together page, businesses can find:

  • Specially designed ​​Business Coordination Guide for businesses to succeed during a highway construction project, includes information on:
    • Planning ahead
    • Staying informed
    • Keeping customers informed
    • Tips for businesses
  • Case studies that demonstrate techniques that have been successfully used in communities throughout Wisconsin.
  • Promotional samples showing a variety of examples of how businesses have promoted their businesses during construction.

During construction, temporary signing for business will be available. While signing and other marketing/advertising during the construction is up to the business, WisDOT encourages businesses to use the resources above to assist them with planning for construction before the construction begins.

Project Contacts

Bryan Lipke
WisDOT Northeast Region Project Manager
(920) 492-5703

Dan Segerstrom
WisDOT Northeast Region Project Supervisor
(920) 492-7718

Melissa Kok
WisDOT Northeast Region Communications Manager
(920) 492-5743

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Northeast Region, Green Bay Office
944 Vanderperren Way
Green Bay, WI 54304
(920) 492-5643​​