WIS 21 Access Management - Adams and Waushara counties


WIS 21, Adams/Juneau County line to 4th Avenue

Village of Coloma and towns of Strongs Prairie, Preston, Richfield and Coloma


The purpose for implementing an access management plan along WIS 21 is to preserve the long-term safety and mobility along WIS 21, while still providing adequate access to adjacent properties. There are approximately 350 existing access points in the 19-mile area. Managing access will help to maintain a safe roadway while serving access needs for local development along the highway.

WisDOT is proposing to implement the access management plan in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute (Wis. Stat.) 84.25.

The access management plan will document and map existing, modified, and proposed access points. Access conditions will be reviewed with local officials and property owners to ensure the access management plan adequately meets current and future needs. Legal documentation of access to adjacent properties to/from the highway will be prepared. Some accesses may be modified at properties with multiple existing access points or at properties that have the potential for access on an adjacent local road. Managing access will help to maintain a safe roadway while serving access needs for local development along the highway.

Access management

Highway access management is planning the number, and location, of driveways and intersections along a roadway to help maintain safe, efficient movement of traffic, and to ensure safe access to and from adjacent properties.

Too many access points that are located too close together, compromise the safety of the traveling public by interrupting the flow of traffic along the highway. Access management can be used to help reduce or better manage congestion problems, delaying or preventing the need for any major highway changes.

Wis. Stat. 84.25

When no construction project is planned in the near future, but potential development or zoning changes or other changes along the highway indicate that access pressures may begin to occur, WisDOT may implement Wis. Stat. 84.25 to manage the access along highways.

Under Wis. Stat. 84.25, access management can be used as proactive tool to designate rural sections of the state highway system as controlled-access highways.

Access is documented and mapped for today’s land use and conditions. WisDOT will coordinate with property owners and local officials to map access at locations that will accommodate shared driveways to best accommodate possible future land divisions. If traffic conditions change in the future, WisDOT will work cooperatively with local agencies and property owners to consider adjustments to the access management plan.

No property acquisition or highway construction is required for the access management study.

Any proposed access changes would be implemented as part of a future highway construction project. There are no projects currently scheduled in WisDOT's six-year program for WIS 21.


  • Local agency coordination meeting – April 2016
  • Public involvement meeting – May 23, 2016
  • Phase I complete – September 2016
  • Phase II coordination


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