US 53 (North 3rd Street to 2nd Avenue East), city of Superior - Douglas County


The proposed project includes North 3rd Street from Hughitt Avenue to US 53 (East 2nd Street) and US 53 from North 3rd Street to 200 feet west of the 2nd Avenue East intersection in the Douglas County city of Superior. The project includes resurfacing the Blatnik Bridge ramps and completing a safety project at the US 53/E Street intersection.


The pavement on US 53 (East 2nd Street) is showing signs of deterioration, as are curb ramps and select storm sewer inlets and manholes. In addition, the roadway's intersection at E Street experiences a higher-than-average amount of crashes as compared to other intersections of this type throughout Wisconsin. To address these, WisDOT is proposing to:

  • For the road rehabilitation project:
    • Mill the existing asphalt pavement and then place new asphalt
    • Make spot underlying concrete pavement repairs.
    • Resurface the Blatnik Bridge ramps that abut East 2nd Street.
    • Make spot curb and gutter repairs.
    • Repair various inlets and storm and sanitary sewer manholes.
    • Upgrade or install curb ramps at pedestrian crossings.
  • For the safety project:
    • Close the existing median on US 53 at E Street.
    • Add new right-turn bays to US 53, which would allow vehicles to enter and exit US 53 after the median closure.
    • Widen Lenroot Drive, currently a one-way street, to accommodate two-lane, two-way traffic.
    • Install new storm sewer lines and inlets to adequately drain the improved Lenroot Drive.
    • Repair existing storm and other utility manholes on E Street.

Real Estate

Both temporary limited easements and permanent right-of-way purchases might be required to complete the projects. A landowners' rights brochure is available in:

In This Together

WisDOT has created the In This Together program to help businesses navigate construction. For more:


Construction currently is scheduled for 2025.


For the road rehabilitation project:

  • US 53 (East 2nd Street) will remain open during construction, but traffic could be limited to one lane in each direction.
  • Delays should be expected when traveling the work zone, especially during commuting hours.
  • During work on the Blatnik Bridge on- and off-ramps, traffic would:
    • Enter or exit US 53 at the E Street intersection.
    • Utilize Winter Street and Hammond Avenue to access the bridge while the ramps are closed. (The work on Lenroot Drive and Winter Street is expected to be completed early in the project.)
    • Detour map

For the safety project:

Project Documents

More information about the project can be found here:


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