I-43 North-South (Silver Spring Dr. to WIS 60), Glendale to Grafton - Milwaukee and Ozaukee counties

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Project location

I-43, Silver Spring Dr. to WIS 60, Glendale to Grafton, in Milwaukee and Ozaukee counties.

Project overview

The I-43 North-South Freeway is among the busiest routes in Wisconsin and is a critical Interstate link between southeast Wisconsin and the entire state. I-43 provides access to manufacturers, merchants, commuters and tourists within southeast Wisconsin, the Milwaukee metropolitan area, and other areas including Green Bay, Sheboygan, Manitowoc and Chicago.

WisDOT has maintained and rehabilitated the ramps, bridges, pavements and other structures on I-43 for 50 years. The North-South Freeway has exceeded its design life and it is no longer economical to maintain. The corridor needs full evaluation, so it can serve the communities into the future.

The project team will study the corridor, including the service interchanges and adjacent arterial roads in Milwaukee and Ozaukee counties. This review will:

  • Identify safety concerns
  • Assess physical condition and configuration of the roadways
  • Identify potential environmental concerns and socioeconomic factors that may be affected by the corridor


Study - Long term planning with no construction activity at this time

The purpose of the study is to address:

  • Emerging pavement and structural needs
  • Safety issues
  • Design deficiencies, including clearance at bridges, visibility, and merging and weaving distances
  • Existing and projected traffic volumes

Purpose and need document

This study will evaluate:

  • No build alternative
  • Replacing deteriorating pavement and bridges
  • Reducing congestion and improving safety
  • Providing efficient freeway operations
  • Improving or replacing existing interchanges
  • Potential new interchange at Highland Road
  • Minimizing impacts to natural and built environments

Congestion and crashes

I-43 carries 49,000 vehicles per day south of WIS 60 and 85,460 vehicles per day north of Silver Spring Drive.
There is regular and significant congestion in the corridor today. Future projections show traffic growing to 65,000 vehicles per day south of WIS 60 and 112,500 vehicles per day just north of Silver Spring Drive by 2040.
There were a total of 1,087 crashes over a five year period between 2006 and 2010, including four fatal crashes.



  • Schedule pending

Past (anything prior to today):

  • 2012 - Agency coordination and data gathering started
  • August 2012 - Public Involvement Meetings (PIM) conducted
  • Fall 2012 - Initial alternatives development
  • January 2013 - PIM, initial alternatives presented
  • Winter / Spring 2013 - alternatives refined and further developed
  • August 2013 - PIM, screened alternatives presented
  • March 2014 - Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) with preferred alternative published
  • April 30, 2014 and May 1, 2014 - Public hearings on DEIS
  • Fall 2014 - Functional plans of selected alternative developed, agency coordination for Study completed
  • December 2014 - Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision published (see environmental page)
  • December 2014 – Study presented to Transportation Projects Commission (TPC), TPC recommended project for enumeration.  Next step is for project to be included in a future state budget, at which point design activities will resume.


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