I-43 North-South (Silver Spring Dr. to WIS 60) - Noise Barriers

​​​Noise Barrier Process

At the start of certain state highway projects, WisDOT determines noise impacts and evaluates possible mitigation measures, such as noise barriers. After careful evaluation and a voting process, WisDOT installs noise barriers along portions of state highways to minimize noise impacts. Noise barriers determined to be financially reasonable and technically feasible must receive a vote of support from a simple majority of all votes cast by the adjacent landowners and residents of the most benefited areas. For more general information, visit WisDOT's 'Noise Barriers: What You Should Know' brochure​​​​​​.

Virtual Public Involvement Meeting - Spring 2021

In lieu of an in-person meeting, WisDOT scheduled a virtual public involvement meeting to present and discuss the proposed noise barriers. WisDOT public involvement activities are designed to effectively involve the public early and often in the process so that the project decisions made are in the best overall interest. Below, you will find public outreach materials pertaining to potential noise barriers associated with this project. Please note that there is voice-over narration with the video presentation below.


Want more information? Browse the materials below pertaining to proposed noise barrier locations along the I-43 corridor:

Noise Barrier Status

As of late September 2021, all five barriers had the required “yes” votes to be constructed. A simple majority of votes cast was needed and easily achieved for all five barriers.

Thank you to all who sent in their ballots or submitted comments. Your participation is important to the noise barrier process and a successful I-43 project.

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    • ​Union Pacific Railroad to Nicolet High School on the west side of I-43
    • Good Hope Road to Brown Deer Road on the east side of I-43
    • Brown Deer Road to County Line Road on the east side of I-43
    • Winesap Court to Baldwin Court on the west side of I-43 (south of Mequon Road)
    • Liebau Road to Highland Road on the west side of I-43​​​

Do you have any comments or questions? We'd like to hear from you! Please feel free to reach out to the project representatives listed in the materials, or on the bottom of this page.


Steve Hoff, P.E. Project Manager
(262) 548-6718

Dan Sellers, WisDOT SE Region Communications
(262) 548-6702