US 12 Freeway Conversion Study - Need/purpose


  • To identify and preserve the right of way for future designation and conversion of this section of US 12 from expressway to freeway


  • Long-term highway corridor preservation through official mapping
  • Manage growing traffic volumes
  • Improve safety
  • Important regional connection in statewide plan
  • Coordinated land use planning

This study selects and maps the preferred alternatives along the corridor to convert access exclusively to interchanges. The study area is a half-mile on each side of US 12 to include reconfigurations and construction of new local roads and frontage roads.

Eventually there will be construction of preferred alternatives. The only requirement the 84.295 state stature places on the landowner is that they must give Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) 60 days advance notice of any additions, alterations, or improvements to their property or structures other than normal maintenance. Failure to make such notification will exempt those changes from being compensable items should the property actually be acquired as right of way in the future. WisDOT is able acquire property identified on the official map without having an approved construction project.