WIS 23 (Copper Springs Rd. to North Junction WIS 33)

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Project location

WIS 23 (Copper Springs Rd. to North Junction WIS 33), Reedsburg to Wisconsin Dells - Sauk County

Construction will take place at the same time as this project: WIS 33 (WIS 23 to US 12), Reedsburg to Baraboo

Project overview

The roadway surface is aged and deteriorated with cracking. A 6.5-inch asphalt overlay was completed in 2001. Treatment is needed to extend the pavement service life. Additional improvements include:

  • Repair pavement with a mill and overlay.
  • Treat the pavement with a mill and overlay.
  • Installment of shoulder and centerline rumble strips.
  • No structure work included in project.


Future (2019 and beyond)

  • 2021 - Construction anticipated

Past (prior to today)

Traffic impacts/detours

  • WIS 23 construction will be completed with one lane flagging conditions during non-peak hours.
  • The WIS 33 portion will be closed to traffic and detoured on WIS 23

Traffic information

The official traffic counts and projections provide the following information:

  • The most recent traffic forecast report was completed in May of 2018.
    • This forecast utilized traffic counts that were collected in 2017.
  • The 2017 traffic counts yielded the following average daily traffic volumes along WIS 23 and 33:
    • WIS 23/33 west of WIS 136 = 12,100 vehicles per day (note that this is west of our project’s limits)
    • WIS 23/33 between WIS 136 and the WIS 23 intersection = 9,700 vehicles per day
    • WIS 33 between the WIS 23 intersection and US 12 = 9,300 vehicles per day
  • Along each segment, traffic is comprised of 8.6% to 8.7% trucks by volume.
  • Future traffic growth projections were based on factors ranging between 0.50% and 0.64%.
WisDOT has a website specifically dedicated to publishing traffic count information. The website contains a link to an interactive map where the count nodes can be clicked on for more information. Here’s a link to the website for your future consideration: https://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/projects/data-plan/traf-counts/default.aspx



Contact information

David Schmidt, P.E., WisDOT Project Manager
(608) 246-3867

Michael Bie, WisDOT Southwest Region Communications Manager
(608) 246-7928

Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT)
Southwest Region, La Crosse Office
3550 Mormon Coulee Road
La Crosse, WI 54601
Phone: (608) 785-9022
Fax: (608) 785-9969
TTY: 711
Email: swr.dtsd@dot.wi.gov