Chicago - Milwaukee Intercity Passenger Rail Corridor - Facts

Current Hiawatha Service 

  • Seven daily round-trips, six on Sunday, between Chicago and Milwaukee
  • Regular scheduled travel times between Chicago and Milwaukee from 89 minutes
  • Maximum speed 79 mph

Future Hiawatha Service with planned improvements

  • 10 daily round-trips (including three additional trains) between Chicago and Milwaukee
  • Potentially faster travel times between Chicago and Milwaukee
  • Maximum speed 79 mph or 90 mph (between Rondout, Illinois and General Mitchell International Airport)

Hiawatha Service facts

  • Stations include:
    • Chicago Union (connect to Amtrak system, transit and intercity buses)
    • Glenview, Ill. (connect to local transit)
    • Sturtevant, Wis. (connect to local transit)
    • Milwaukee Airport Rail Station (connect to all flights and ground transportation at General Mitchell International Airport)
    • Milwaukee Intermodal Station (connect to intercity bus and transit)
  • One of the best on-time performance rates in the Amtrak system
  • Financially supported by Wisconsin and Illinois. Operating support split is Wisconsin - 75%, 
    Illinois - 25%
  • 2019 ridership: 876,356; an 8.9% increase since 2014
  • Highest ridership of any Amtrak service outside the east and west coasts

Annual Amtrak Hiawatha Service ridership is shown below:

Amtrak Hiawatha Ridership