Twin Cities-Milwaukee-Chicago Intercity Passenger Rail Service

Map showing TCMC stations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois​​
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WisDOT and our partners are working to implement additional Amtrak service along the Twin Cities – Milwaukee – Chicago corridor. This service expansion involves partnership agreements among the Federal Railroad Administration, the state DOTs, host railroads, and Amtrak. The partnership agreements are moving forward. When all the elements have been finalized between the parties, the schedules, fares, start date and official name of the train service will be jointly announced. Service is expected to begin in 2024. Amtrak, WisDOT and other partner states look forward to serving our passengers.

The Twin Cities-Milwaukee-Chicago (TCMC) Intercity Passenger Rail Project adds a second daily round-trip passenger train on the 411-mile corridor between Chicago, Illinois and Twin Cities (St. Paul and Minneapolis) in Minnesota. The TCMC Service will follow Amtrak's existing long-distance Empire Builder route. The new service will complement the existing Empire Builder schedule, providing travel flexibility with both a morning and mid-day departure from Chicago and St. Paul.

The partners on this project ​include:

  • ​Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois Departments of Transportation
  • Amtrak
  • ​Federal Railroad Administration
  • La Crosse Area Planning Committee
  • Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority

Public engagement

Design Phase

The TCMC is in the final design phase for the railroad infrastructure improvements. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2023 and end in 2025.

​Public me​etings
​Planning Phase

Public comments were accepted through April 9, 2021.

Project description

The $53 million TCMC Project will improve mobility and increase reliable travel options between the Midwest economic hubs of St. Paul, Minnesota, La Crosse and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Chicago, Illinois.

The TCMC Project will provide an additional daily round-trip that:

  • Increases schedule options from the existing one daily round-trip to two daily round-trips between the Twin Cities, Milwaukee, Chicago and intermediate stations
  • Provides more reliable service with better on-time performance (particularly eastbound), especially important for business and student travel​
  • Provides more convenient travel times for shorter, regional trips
  • Combined with the Amtrak Empire Builder, results in morning and midday departures from St. Paul and Chicago
  • Provides more seating capacity on the corridor relieving pressure during peak periods
  • ​Offers improved connections between other trains, intercity buses, local public transit, and air service
The current ridership estimate is 231,900 in the first year.

This route connects many otherwise isolated rural communities. For those not traveling by personal vehicle, options are lacking for travel to and from rural areas within the TCMC Corridor.​

The additional daily intercity passenger rail round-trip will integrate with the existing Hiawatha Service schedule. The additional frequency will also facilitate existing and planned intercity bus and shuttle connections to communities located off the rail corridor.

Required railroad infrastructure improvements
  • La Crosse Yard and Depot Area Improvements (La Crosse, WI) - Rebuild second mainline track, extend yard lead to the west, and reconstruct passenger platform
  • Mississippi River Bridge (La Crescent, MN) - Realign track approaches, replace switches and track work
  • River Junction Yard Improvements (La Crescent, MN) - Conversion of yard track to signalized 2nd main track, including signal improvements, new mainline track, turnouts, and connection track, and an upgrade to existing yard track
  • Winona Siding Improvements (Winona, MN) - Upgrade siding track, switches, and signals
  • Tower CK (Winona, MN) - Construct new siding track connecting main track to CPR Waseca subdivision, and add switches and signals

Project funding

  • $31.8 million Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Consolidated Railroad Infrastructure and Safety Improvement (CRISI) grant was awarded in September 2020 for final design and construction of required railroad improvements to implement TCMC passenger trains. Amtrak has committed $5 million in funding. An additional $16.2 million in state match dollars are needed:
    • Wisconsin - $6.2 million
    • Minnesota - $10 million
  • $12.6 million Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Restoration & Enhancement Program grant was awarded in May 2020 to offset cost of operations for the first three years.


This project began with Amtrak’s 2015 feasibility report on the proposed service. Analysis of existing passenger rail ridership on the Amtrak Empire Builder shows demand for regional transportation options.

Despite the limited schedule options, limited capacity, and challenges with on-time performance for eastbound travel on the existing Amtrak Empire Builder, more than 70% of the on/offs at Wisconsin stations are travelling to or from stations within the TCMC Corridor. The favorable ridership and revenue projections identified in the feasibility report supported a more detailed study of the proposed service.

The study's first phase evaluated alternatives for track and other infrastructure improvements required for a second round-trip, along with anticipated costs. See the Minnesota Department of Transportation's website for additional information.

To implement the additional round-trip, five rail infrastructure improvements are recommended in specific areas along the corridor. Infrastructure improvements involve:​

  • Communication and signaling upgrades
  • Rail siding extensions
  • Street-level crossing improvements
  • Extending yard lead track
  • New turnouts and mainline track reconstruction and modifications

The service will operate at conventional speeds of 79 miles per hour and stop at all existing stations on the Empire Builder route, plus the Milwaukee Airport Rail Station (MARS).​​


Map showing TCMC stations in three states and the communities the stations and the proposed bus shuttles will serve​​
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TCMC service will follow Amtrak's existing long-distance Empire Builder route between Chicago Union Station, Milwaukee Intermodal Station, and the Union Depot in St. Paul. In addition to the major metropolitan regions named above, the service connects the smaller intermediate station cities of Red Wing and Winona, Minnesota; La Crosse, Tomah, Wisconsin Dells, Portage, Columbus and Sturtevant, Wisconsin; and Glenview, Illinois. A majority of Minnesota and Wisconsin population are located within 15 miles of a proposed connecting bus shuttle stop or 30 miles of a TCMC station.

The service uses track on Amtrak's Empire Builder and Hiawatha routes, and Metra Canadian Pacific Rail (CPR), and Union Pacific (UP) right of way and tracks.


Planning for the TCMC Service began in 2012 when project partners requested that Amtrak assess the feasibility of providing a state-supported second round-trip intercity passenger train service between the Twin Cities and Chicago Union Station. Amtrak's findings, completed in 2015, ​​displayed favorable ridership and revenue projections which initiated more detailed study of the proposed service. Project partners continued planning activities for the TCMC Service between 2016 and 2018, including developing the purpose and need, alternatives analysis and conceptual engineering plans.

The environmental documentation was completed in 2021. The final designs are expected to be completed in 2023. Following final design, construction is anticipated to begin in 2023, with completion in 2024. The TCMC rail service is estimated to commence in 2024​.

TCMC project timeline from June 2016 through January 2025

Project support

Letters and resolutions in support of the TCMC service have been received from legislators, organizations and communities from Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin:

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