Alternatives to driving for older adults


Regular exercise provides myriad health benefits for older adults including a stronger heart, positive mental outlook and an increased chance of remaining independent.

"Use it or lose it." That's what doctors are telling the elderly.

But seniors needn't think they have to sign up for high-impact aerobics classes or run 10K races to stay in shape. Instead, fitting a simple 35-minute walk into their daily activities can keep them physically strong and agile.

Public transportation in Wisconsin

Public transit is available in over 65 Wisconsin communities -- ranging from fixed-route buses in Milwaukee to shared-ride taxis in Medford -- and county governments support services which enable people to go shopping, get medical care and to socialize.

Wisconsin transit resources

Providers of passenger transportation in rural or small urban areas of Wisconsin are eligible to take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Projects funded by the Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP), administered by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and managed by the Center for Transportation Education and Development in the Outreach Division of UW-Milwaukee:

    • Wisconsin Transit Resource Center

    • passenger assistance and sensitivity driver training workshops

    • peer-to-peer network

    • Grassroutes newsletter

    • advanced defensive driving skills workshops

    • annual rural and specialized transit conference

  • RTAP scholarships to attend any transit-related training (certain eligibility requirements apply)

  • Membership in the Wisconsin Rural and Paratransit Providers (WRAPP), an association of professionals providing a resource network and peer support to any person or agency involved in rural and specialized transportation

For more information call (888) 560-3382.​