Aerial view of roundaboutIntersection safety and efficiency is a key priority for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) and every intersection is unique. Unlike other states that have adopted “rounda​bout ​first” policies, WisDOT evaluates design alternatives to determine whether a signal, roundabout or other control is best suited for the location based on safety, efficiency an​d estimated cost.

Wisconsin roundabouts

Roundabouts are found at less than one percent of the intersections on the state highway system. As of March 2020, eight percent of state-controlled intersections have traffic signals. Of the state's 427 roundabouts, 248 are on the state trunk highway (STH) system and 179 are on local highways.

Graphical breakdown of Wisconsin intersections

Benefit​s o​​​f roundabouts

Roundabouts may be considered as an alternative when building new intersections or when doing a complete reconstruction to correct safety or reduce congestion because roundabouts:

  • Are proven to reduce the number of severe injury crashes and deaths
  • Provide a good economic value
  • Reduce delay and improve traffic flow
  • Are a greener alternative with less vehicle idling, lower fuel emissions and less wasted fuel

Roundabout locations

Roundabouts interactive map


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WisDOT Roadway Design Standards Engineer
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