Fly Wisconsin Airport Passport Program - How to participate

How to participate

Register for the Fly Wisconsin Airport Passport Program online or fill out a registration card available at participating airports. Expect to receive your passport within two weeks of registration.

When you receive your passport, be sure to fill in the page at the front of your passport with your name and contact information. When you visit a participating airport, aviation attraction or participate in an FAA safety seminar, have your passport stamped or signed in the appropriate space. A full listing of participating airports along with the location of the stamp can be found below.

When you have obtained the proper number of stamps for the level of recognition you’re aiming to achieve, submit your passport (it will be returned) to:

Fly Wisconsin
WisDOT - Bureau of Aeronautics
P.O. Box 7914
Madison, WI 53707-7914

Have fun!

Airports may have vehicles to borrow or rent to enable you to explore a community. Check or call 1-800-432-8747 to request a travel guide for attractions and activities in the area you are visiting. Check the airport website for other area attraction listings. You also may want to make a note of the date of your flight, weather conditions and any other memorable details of your flight in the airport box.

Share your love of aviation

A Facebook group has been created for pilots and passengers to share their adventures. Join the group by visiting:

Other airport passport programs

Contact or call (608) 266-3351