Fly Wisconsin participation rules

​Rules of the Passport Program

Fly Safe! Always conduct adequate pre-flight activities to ensure your flight can be conducted safely. For example, confirm airport condition prior to flight, especially at privately-owned airports.

This program is open to all pilots and their passengers. Participants are not required to be Wisconsin residents.

Be aware of Airport CTAF numbers as some are required to gain entrance into a terminal.

When visiting a qualifying airport, attraction or FAA safety seminar, participants must obtain a stamp or signature in their passport. Participants may also elect to take a photograph of themselves at an airport, attraction, or FAA Safety Seminar. Photos must be presented along with the passport when claiming a prize.

*NEW* Because circumstances may prevent participants from flying to 126 airports, bonus activities have been added to the program at the gold-level. Program participants may elect to complete bonus activities in lieu of collecting up to four airport stamps at the gold-level. For each bonus activity completed, a “bonus stamp” is earned.

To collect a bonus activity stamp, simply provide a brief description of the activity and the date completed in one of the blank squares on the last page of the passport booklet.

Eligible bonus activities include:

  1. Fly to one out-of-state airport.
  2. Fly to one seaplane base.
  3. Try an aeronautical activity you have not previously experienced. Examples include: take a flight lesson in a glider, ultralight, helicopter, etc., complete your first sky-dive, complete a new rating or pilot certification, complete your FAR Part 107 remote pilot certificate.
  4. Conduct community outreach or participate in an educational event focused on introducing the public, especially children, to aviation. Examples include: conduct a group presentation for a school or boy/girl scout troop or participate as a pilot in an EAA Young Eagles Rally. Participants are encouraged to confirm the proposed outreach activity meets program standards prior to conducting the outreach by emailing us at

A maximum of four bonus stamps can be earned. Each type of bonus activity can only be earned once. For example, participants will not earn multiple bonus activity stamps for flying to multiple out of state airports.

The program will be adjusted as necessary to accommodate new public-use airports as well as airport closures. Check the current listing of participating airports.

Pilots may attend FAA Safety Seminars online or in person. Find events, stay informed, register and log-in at Contact the Flight Standards District Office for more information. If the course is taken online, fill in the course name, date and instructor’s name on the signature line. You may also be asked to provide a copy of your FAA Safety Team Accredited Activity history.

Awards and recognition will be made at the annual Wisconsin Aviation Conference.

There is no deadline for completing the passport program as long as the program remains in operation.