RIDESHARE - Bike buddy tips

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Two bicycle riders

Advantages to ​​cycling with a buddy

  • Together you are more visible to traffic
  • Ride will seem to go faster
  • Security in knowing there is a buddy there to help if a problem develops
  • Together you will feel more confident to try new routes

Establish a good bike b​​uddy partnership

  • Discuss and agree on a meeting point
    • Park and ride lots, retail parking lots, and parks are a good place to start
    • Be punctual
    • Use cell phones to communicate
    • Arrive with your gear and equipment ready to ride
  • Discuss your experience levels and agree who should lead and who should follow
  • Agree on a route before starting out
  • Discuss a pace you both are comfortable with and what to do if separated by traffic or traffic signals. Keep at least one bike distance between you
  • Be predictable in your riding habits
    • Ride straight and maintain a relatively constant speed
  • Warn each other of hazards

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