Employer information

Wisconsin's RIDESHARE ​program helps people connect with more commute options. Employers understand the value of benefits that attract and retain quality employees, including reduced and/or improved commutes. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation RIDESHARE Coordinator helps employers across the state connect their businesses and staff to the RIDESHARE platform and consider additional transportation programs to help employees rethink their commute.

What is an employer transportation program?

Transportation programs look different for every employer. Employers can build a program to suit the unique needs of their business and employees. Priority parking for carpool/vanpool users, pre-tax employee benefits, and commute challenges are all examples of program components.

Employer transportation programs can improve employee productivity, employee wellbeing, and reduce employer infrastructure costs. Employer transportation programs also reduce traffic congestion and save your employees money, which can assist in attracting and retaining employees. Employers can save on parking construction and maintenance and more.

Employer Toolkit

The Employer Toolkit​ offers helpful materials to understand what commute options you might consider offering.

  • ​Information on different commuting options
  • Tips and guidance on creating an Employee Transportation Program
  • Insight on promoting your new Employee Transportation Program to get the most from your investment and reach desired outcomes
  • Information on Emergency Ride Reimbursement Program (ERRP)

Additional resources


Contact the Wisconsin RIDESHARE Coordinator to:

  • ​Answer your questions and help you tailor a program to fit your worksite
  • Have a bespoke landing page and network added to RIDESHARE for your organization
  • Run reports on program impacts from registered employees with information including carbon emission reduction and cost savings