Merrimac Ferry (Colsac III)

Merrimac Ferry (Colsac III)

The Merrimac ferry is closed for the season. See you in 2019!  

Merrimac Ferry crosses the Wisconsin River between Sauk and Columbia counties. The ferry will remain open until ice forms on the Wisconsin River. The Merrimac Ferry, Wisconsin's only FREE ferry:

  • Shuttles WIS 113 traffic 24 hours a day, seven days a week, between Okee on the east bank and Merrimac on the west.
  • Holds 15 vehicles at a time, in addition to bicycles and pedestrians, and in 2016 ferried over 288,500 vehicles across the river.
  • Takes about seven minutes for a single crossing.

Note: Hazardous materials, including but not limited to, agricultural nitrogen, propane in excess of 100 pounds, and fuel in excess of 100 gallons, ARE NOT allowed on the vessel.

Emergency and/or planned maintenance closures of the ferry will be posted on the 511 Wisconsin Travel Information website.

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