DTSD Excellence in Design Awards 2020

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View a recording of the 2020 Design Awards Ceremony from​ March 4, 2020.​​


Award C​ategories

  • Best rural design - WisDOT
  • Best rural design - consultant or municipality
  • Best urban design - WisDOT
  • Best urban design - consultant or municipality
  • Best structure design - WisDOT
  • Best structure design - consultant or municipality
  • Best local program project​

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​​​Best ru​ral design - WisDOT​​​

Best rural design by WisDOT
WIS 54, NW Region

This rural resurfacing project on WIS 54 featured various pavement sections. Some unique project elements include culvert structure replacement using trenchless construction technology and road base drainage system installation.

Best rural design - consultant or municipality

Best rural design by a consultant
US 8/WIS 47 Roundabout in Rhinelander (Ayres), NC Region

This important juncture in Rhinelander has been transformed from a validated safety concern to the area’s first roundabout. In addition to addressing severe pavement deficiencies, the project greatly improves the safety and traffic operations at this key north woods connecting point, accommodating the needs of all vehicles traveling through it.​

​​​Best urban design - WisDOT

Best urban design WisDOT
US 51 in Woodruff, NC Region

The US 51 project between 3rd Avenue and Tuckaway Drive is an exemplary example of performance based practical design in practice; balancing the needs of the roadway users with the geographical constraints and desires of the surrounding communities.​


​Best ​urban design - consultant or municipality

Best urban design by a consultant
WIS 23 in Montello (QUEST), NC Region

This short yet complex urban reconstruction project successfully navigated many constraints including historic properties, numerous utilities, a cemetery and an archaeological site, while meeting the goals of enhancing safety, moving traffic, providing bicycle and​​ pedestrian accommodations, improving stormwater quality and minimizing right of way acquisition.​

​​​Best structure design - WisDOT

Best structure design by WisDOT
WIS 116 bridge in Winneconne, NE Region

The new WIS 116 bridge provides an aesthetically pleasing and vital connection for the village of Winneconne across the Wolf River. The new bridge safely accommodates vehicles, pedestrians, and snowmobiles while the two new fishing platforms allow recreational fishing to continue and thrive in a unique setting not seen anywhere else within the State of Wisconsin.​

​Best structure​​ design - consultant​​ or municipality

Best structure design by a consultant
US 12/14 Yahara River Bridge (AECOM), SW Region

The Yahara River Bridge Pile Rehabilitation project demonstrates the benefits of a collaborative design approach. The project featured detailed inspection of 803 piles, rehabilitation research, sample product installation, and an innovative evaluation “charrette” featuring WisDOT, consultant and academic experts. The result: cost savings and prolonged utility of critical transportation infrastructure.​

​Best local program design​​​

​​Best local program design

E. Grand Ave. in Wisconsin Rapids (Strand), NC Region

The reconstruction of East Grand Avenue transformed the project corridor into a gateway to downtown Wisconsin Rapids, while enhancing mobility for vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian modes of travel. The project was seamlessly fit into a heavily commercialized corridor that included five properties eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.​

​To be considered for an award, watch for the call for nominations at the end of the year.

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