DTSD Excellence in Design Awards 2019

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View a recording of the 2019 Design Awards Ceremony from​ March 6, 2019.

Best rural design by WisDOT

Best rural design by WisDOTWIS 19/WIS 113 Roundabout, SW region

This innovative WisDOT project was designed to drastically improve the safety and congestion at the intersections of WIS 19/WIS 113 and County I. The project transformed several atypical intersections into one modern multi-lane roundabout while using staged construction to minimize the inconvenience to the traveling public.

Best rural design by a consultant

Best rural design by a consultantWIS 29/WIS 156 overpass (EMCS), NC region

The WIS 29 and WIS 156 rural rehabilitation projects economically addressed the unsafe conditions at the existing WIS 29/WIS 156 intersection and rehabilitated the existing asphaltic pavement along approximately 5.5-miles of WIS 156 in Shawano County.

Best urban design by WisDOT

Best urban design WisDOTWIS 28/WIS 67, City of Mayville, Main St., SW Region

This project improved safety and mobility on Main Street (WIS 67) and Horicon Street (WIS 28) in the City of Mayville by providing new concrete pavement, curb and gutter, lighting, signals, and pedestrian and bicycle connectivity. Intersections were also widened and improved to fully accommodate large truck turning movements

Best urban design by a consultant

Best urban design by a consultantZoo Interchange (entire Phase II project) (Forward 45), SE Region

The Zoo Interchange core projects included 39 bridges, 53 retaining walls, 21 noise barriers, and 100 sign structures. The design accommodated 350,000 vehicles daily, balanced the needs of local communities and utility providers, and maintained access to the region’s only Level 1 trauma center and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Best structure design by WisDOT

Best structure design by WisDOTZoo Interchange bridge B-40-861, SE Region

Zoo Interchange ramp bridge B-40-861, carrying northbound to eastbound traffic, is a part of the most-traveled interchange in the state of Wisconsin. This curved, steel girder bridge aids the mobility of commerce and commuters daily.

Best structure design by a consultant

Best structure design by a consultantI-39 Rock River Bridges (KL Engineering), SW Region

The Rock River Bridge Project replaced the northbound and southbound I-39/90 bridges over the Rock River to meet current standards, while maintaining two lanes of traffic per direction on I-39/90 throughout the duration of the project. The staged construction maintained I-39/90 traffic, Rock River boating traffic, and minimized environmental impacts to the Rock River.

Best local program design

Best local program designEau Claire Grand Ave. Half Moon Lake Bridge (Ayres), NW Region

A narrow and unsafe bridge at the entrance to iconic Carson Park is just a memory now that its stately replacement structure is complete. Ayres Associates’ designers expanded the footprint of the causeway – making room for bike lanes, trails, fishing accommodations, and more – making this no ordinary bridge replacement.

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