WisDOT’s Oversize/Overweight (OSOW) Automated Issuance System

Customers may apply for and self-issue selected single trip and multiple trip permits online without contacting the OSOW Permit Unit.

Login to WisDOT OSOW Automated Issuance System

If you are not already setup with a WAMS user ID and password, you will need to create one.

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OSOW's current system capabilities allow customers to:

  • Issue single trip permits
  • Issue or renew multiple trip permit types
    • AA (miscellaneous equipment)
    • BM (building/structure from a foundation)
    • CM (sealed container)
    • FF (farm and field)
    • HM (hay or straw)
    • RF (fruits, vegetables, raw forest products at 90,000 lbs.)
    • RS (raw forest products at 98,000 lbs. on at least 6 axles only)
  • Transfer permits to new trucks (no fee)
    • AA, HM, RF, RS or SM
  • Amend existing permits
  • Review routes for multiple trip permits
  • View and print permits
  • Maintain account information

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Oversize-Overweight Permits

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Bureau of Highway Maintenance
P.O. Box 7980
Madison WI 53707-7980

Email oversize-permits.dmv@dot.wi.gov
Phone (608) 266-7320
Fax (608) 264-7751

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