Oversize-Overweight Permits

COVID-19 Relief Effort Supply Permit

Overweight permits may be issued by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and fees shall be waived for the transportation of inventory to supply grocery retailers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic on Wisconsin highways. “Wisconsin highways” includes the National Defense Highway System pursuant to 23 USC 127(i).

COVID-19 News Release 03-27-2020

Emergency Order #14

To apply follow the instructions linked below.

COVID-19 Permit Information and Application Instructions (Updated 03/27/2020)

Apply for a permit

Permit information and requirements

Forms and applications

Weight restriction program

Seasonal weight exemptions

Emergency permits, declarations and exemptions

Bridge information for routing purposes

Motor carrier enforcement and truck safety

Maps and publications

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Oversize-Overweight Permits

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Bureau of Highway Maintenance
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Email oversize-permits.dmv@dot.wi.gov
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