Oversize-overweight forms and applications

This page includes:​​

  • Forms to apply for most permits
  • Permit costs
  • Maximum permit dimensions and weight
  • Conditions of use of the permit
  • Related Trans rules

PDF forms can be used in two ways. You may either:

  • Print the form and then write in your information, or
  • You may type your information into the fields provided on the form and then print, sign and mail it to the address on the form.
  • Each form contains fields for you to type in your information. After selecting the form, click in an appropriate field to make an entry. You may use your tab key to advance to the next available field.

SINGLE TRIP Permit Applications and Information

Single trip building permit (SB)

Single trip factory built home (SM)

Single trip sealed container (CS)

Single trip radiological materials (HRCQ)

All other single trip non-divisible loads (SS)

MULTIPLE TRIP Permit Applications and Information

Equipment, machinery, materials, self-propelled vehicles (AA)

Building multiple trip (BM)

  • Apply online
  • MV2614 - Fees (insurance requirements specified in statute)
  • MV2955 - Mail in application
  • Trans 255 - Standards and procedures for multiple trip permits

Mobile home or modular building section (MH)

Garbage, refuse, & recyclable scrap (AG)

  • AG Permit Condition Sheet
  • MV2612 - Mail in application
  • Trans 269 - Standards and procedures for garbage, refuse and recyclable scrap
  • Trans 251 - Vehicle Weight authorized by multiple trip permits
  • Bridge capacity List A - For permits 130,000 pounds and less
  • Bridge capacity List B - For permits 150,000 pounds and less
  • Bridge capacity List C - For permits 170,000 pounds and less

Fluid Milk Product at 98,000 lbs (FMP)

Fruit/vegetable/raw forest at 90,000 lbs (RF)

Raw forest products at 98,000 lbs (RS)

Sealed container (CM)

Farm and field (FF)

Hay or straw (HM)

Potatoes bulk (PB)

Potato seed (PS)

  • PS Permit Condition Sheet
  • MV2612 - Mail in application
  • Trans 258 -Standards and procedures for the transportation of seed potatoes, and the configuration standards for vehicles engaged in seed potato transportation
  • Bridge capacity List A - For permits 130,000 pounds and less

Michigan border (MI)

Grain, coal and iron ore (AC)

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Oversize-Overweight Permits

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Bureau of Highway Maintenance
P.O. Box 7980
Madison WI 53707-7980

Email oversize-permits.dmv@dot.wi.gov
Phone (608) 266-7320
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 ​Statutory reference: Wis. Stat. ch. 348; Wis. Admin. Code ch. Trans 250​​