Pay past due IFTA and IRP and reinstate accounts after revocation/suspension

This process is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and no special logon is required.

This system only accepts payments from a checking or savings account. Credit cards are not accepted.

Please note that this system is not available for the following:

  • IFTA accounts for which a quarterly IFTA tax return has not been filed
  • IRP accounts that have multiple fleets
  • IRP accounts that have more than 99 unpaid payments due
  • IRP accounts suspended due to federal out of service orders
  • Revocations/suspensions due to bad payments (NSF check)
  • IRP/IFTA audit invoices

If one of the above describes your account, all fees must be mailed to: Motor Carrier Services, P.O. Box 7979, Madison, WI 53707-7979.

Website use

  • Enter your IFTA or IRP account number, and enter a security code provided.
  • Review the payment due screen showing a breakdown of all amounts due for IFTA tax returns (including penalty and interest due), unpaid IRP credentials, unpaid IRP supplements and reinstatement fees.
  • Enter your name, business address, email address, bank routing number and account number.

Once payment is accepted, a confirmation email is immediately sent to you stating that the payment has been received.

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International registration plan (IRP) or International fuel tax agreement (IFTA)

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