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​Sign up for access to the Wisconsin Carrier Registration System (WisCRS) which provides you additional control over your IFTA and IRP accounts.

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WisCRS is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you can work on IFTA and IRP when you have time available. All you need is a personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone (using WiFi).

What does WisCRS allow you to do in IFTA?

  • Annual renewal of your account
  • Order replacement stickers or license
  • File quarterly tax returns
  • Access to previous tax returns

What does WisCRS allow you to do in IRP?

  • Annual renewal of your account
  • Add vehicles to your fleet
  • Transfer registration to another vehicle
  • Order replacement plates and cab-cards
  • Change weights on your vehicles

What are the benefits?

  • Avoid downtime caused by revocation, suspension or expiration of your IFTA/IRP accounts.
  • Avoid errors in IFTA quarterly returns by letting the online program calculate the tax amounts for you.
  • Save money by eliminating postage and delivery fees.

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Wisconsin carriers are already enjoying the benefits, and you can too.

*If you do not yet have a WAMS user ID, follow both steps A and B.

*If you already have an active WAMS user ID, skip to Step B.

A. Create and activate a WAMS User ID - view the video (3:10)

  1. Register yourself with the State of Wisconsin Web Access Management System (WAMS) at       on.wisconsin.gov. We suggest you make your ID and password something you can easily remember. You must maintain your password at the on.wisconsin.gov site. You must register as an individual and the Applicant Name on the access agreement must match the user ID name.
  2. The Wisconsin Web Access Management System (WAMS) will then send you an email verifying your registration. The notification will also tell you how to activate your ID. Please read this email and follow the instructions.
  3. Each individual user needs their own user ID and must request their own access.

B. MV2940 Complete the WisCRS Access Agreement - view the video (2:50)

  1. Check the 'Create' box at the top of Section A and complete the section making sure to include your WAMS user ID.
  2. Check which applications you want access to at the bottom of the form.
  3. Sign the form. Your signature can be typed into the form if you wish. Please note, the Applicant Name and Email must match the user ID.
  4. Email back the completed form to irp-ifta@dot.wi.gov or fax to (608) 267-6886. Access will be granted within three business days and you will receive via email the URL, manuals and some tips and tricks.

If you have questions, please call (608) 266-9900.

Manage your account

URL Link to access your WisCRS account - Click here (For registered WisCRS account holders only)

WisCRS IFTA user manual - Click here

WisCRS IRP user manual - Click here

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