Electronic Processing Audits

Audit Report

Since most dealer are required to process title and registration applications electronically for their customers they must abide by DMV's processing standards. APU performs periodic audits of dealer-processed transactions to ensure compliance with processing standards. These are the most common, easily corrected errors reported during the previous quarter (April-June 2022).

Signature​​ issues (15%): failure to sign any required document. Missing or incomplete chain of ownership. Incorrect use of, or missing, the MV2690 Power of Attorney form.

Wrong Vehicle Kept In (VKI) (7%): entering the incorrect county/municipality where the vehicle is kept. Leaving VKI portion of MV11 Title and Registration Application form blank.

Odometer issues (6%): incorrect odometer status or mileage discrepancy. No odometer reading given.

Document alterations, no Statement of Intent (6%): failure to submit a Statement of Intent with document alterations.

Adding/removing owners requires a new, signed, completed application.


Late work (6%): dealers must process transactions within 7 business days of the sale, and submit paperwork for imaging 1 business day after processing (via mail or document upload).​

Audit: what to expect?

  • The Agent Partnership Unit (APU) reviews applications processed electronically by your dealership.
  • APU compares the paperwork to the vehicle's title record and identifies errors and other areas of concern.
  • APU reaches out to the dealer to discuss the result of the audit, and advises corrective action if necessary.
  • Depending upon audit results, additional audits or corrective action may be needed.

Dealers are required to process title and registration applications electronically for their customers. Dealers must abide by DMV's processing standards.​

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