Board reviews

What is a Board Review?

Board Reviews are an appeals process that a driver can request when their license has been cancelled or denied for medical reasons. These reviews are done by the Medical Review Board which is a panel of 3 health care professionals who serve in an advisory role to the DMV. The Medical Review Board meets monthly, rotating between Madison and Marshfield.​

Who is eligible for a Board Review?

  • Any driver whose license has been cancelled or denied for medical reasons, unless they don’t meet the minimum visions standard or have not met the 3-month seizure-free period after a loss of consciousness.
  • School or passenger bus drivers who have insulin-dependent diabetes or who do not meet federal vision standards are required to get board approval.

Note: board approval is required even if the driver holds a federal medical waiver, state medical waiver​, has an industry exception or is grandfathered.

What is the process for getting a Board Review?​

When your license is cancelled or denied, a cancellation (or denial letter) is sent to you along with information on how to request a board review.  

  • If you want to get a Board Review, follow the instructions provided with your cancellation or denial notice.
  • If your medical condition has changed, you always have the option of providing a new/updated Medical Examination Report MV3644 or Certificate of Vision Examination by Competent Authority MV3030V. An improvement may help you meet medical standards and re-establish your ability to drive safely.​


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