Driving with a disability

Ho​​w do I obtain a ​​​driver license?

In order to operate a motor vehicle, you must have an instruction permit, probationary license or a valid driver license from another state.

If disabled, the following may be required at the time of licensing, reissuance or renewal:

  • Medical examination report ​
    • Evaluation of your disability may be required if an underlying medical condition is involved. Contact your local DMV customer service centers or the Medical Review & Fitness unit if you have questions.
    • You may be required to submit a Medical Examination Report MV3644
  • Driving tests
    • Yo​u may be required to take driving tests if the medical examination report warrants it or the DMV customer service rep determines that i​t is necessary. A driving test consists of the following:
      • Knowledge test - multiple choice questions about the rules of the road
      • Signs test - questions about your ability to identify common road signs
      • Skills test - a road test where a DMV examiner takes you out in your vehicle to assess your driving skills
    • To prepare for your knowledge and signs tests, refer to the Motorist’s Handbook
    • To take a practice knowledge test with your smart phone: Practice driver's test mobile app
    • Any restrictions, such as “steering knob” or “hand controls” may be added to your license if they are determined to be necessary

Wh​at do I do if I need special equipment in order to drive my vehicle?

  • Where do I go to get my vehicle modified? 
    • Look in your phone directory under van and truck conversion, automobile hand and foot controls, or wheelchair lifts and ramps
    • Check with your automobile dealer. Most of the major automobile companies provide information about mobility for persons who are physically challenged​

Note: It is a good idea to find out about DMV requirements before purchasing special equipment.​

What pro​​ducts are available to allow accessible parking for people with disabilities?

    • What do the disabled parking permit/hang tags and plates allow you to do?
      • Park in spaces reserved for persons with a disability
      • Exclude you from having to adhere to time limitations in parking places with ½ hour or more limit in municipally owned or leased parking lots, and on streets or highways
      • Exclude you from having to pay for metered stalls with ½ hour or more time limitation

Which D​​MV customer service centers issue Disabled Parking Permits and plates?

  • Go to the list of DMV customer service centers. Find the stations nearest to you. If “disabled parking ID cards” is listed as one of the Driver Products available at that station, you can get your disabled parking identification permit (hang tag) or plate there. 
  • For additional questions related to Disabled Parking Permits, please contact the Special Plates Unit.

Alternative transportation options​: a list of transportation options by county for people who do not drive​​​

ADA Notice

AD​A Accommodation Request

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