Driver medical concerns - overview

​​Please use these links, forms and publications​ as needed if you or someone you know has a medical concern that may affect safe driving.​

Spe​cial driving circumstances

DMV medical forms

  • MV3141    - Driver Condition or Behavior Report
  • MV3454    - Pledge of Confidentiality
  • MV3644    - Medical Examination Report
  • MV3030V  - Driver License Vision Standard
  • MV3746    - Certificate of Substance Examination by Competent Authority
  • MV3030B  ​- Physical Examination Report for S or P Endorsement (school bus drivers)
  • MV3510    - Release of Medical Information Authorization Form
  • ​MV3581    ​- Voluntary Temporary Surrender
  • MV2167    - Invisible Disability Disclosure

DM​V medical outreach publications​

  • BDS353 - Wisconsin State Waiver Information for CDL Drivers
  • BDS358​ - Medical Condition Cancel/Denial Information
  • BDS359 - Medical Board Review Information; Bus Drivers - Vision
  • BDS360 - Medical Board Review Information; Bus Drivers - Insulin Dependence

"Be Safe, Not Sorry" series of publications:

  • BDS225 - Public guide for reporting medically-impaired drivers
  • BDS343​ - Law enforcement guide for reporting drivers
  • BDS344 - Medical professional guide for reporting drivers
  • BDS345 ​- Older driver workbook 

Alternative transportation options

Check your county's alternative transportation options for those wh​o choose not to or cannot drive.​​​​​​


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