Law enforcement - reporting an unsafe driver

​​​If you observe unusual or dangerous actions behind the wheel that may be caused by a medical condition, please complete a Driver Condition or Behavior Report MV3141​. Once completed, these reports can be submitted to the DMV through TraCS, fax, email or mail. 

Things to remember when reporting an unsafe driver:

  • “Driver Condition or Behavior Reports” are considered urgent. The DMV reviews the report and a follow up letter is sent to the driver within 5 business days. 
  • Please be as specific as possible when reporting your observations. The better our understanding of your concerns, the more likely we will be able to make a good assessment of the driver. If there are supporting documents that would help illustrate your description of the situation, feel free to include them in your report. Please note that age alone is not sufficient in reporting concerns.
  • DMV uses the information from your report to determine what action to take. If there is a medical concern, we will ask the driver to file a report to verify medical eligibility. If there’s an operating concern, then we will usually ask the driver to retake driving tests. A license is never canceled based on your report alone. 
  • The report submitted must be based on something an officer personally witnessed or investigated and discussed with the driver. Unsubstantiated hearsay only will not be enough reason, in most cases, for DMV to conduct an evaluation.​
  • Whether or not you choose to issue a citation, you can still submit a Driver Condition or Behavior Report if you believe there may be medical concerns that impact safe driving.
  • Driver Condition and Behavior Reports and any supplements submitted by law enforcement are subject to Wisconsin’s Open Records Law.

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