Estimating highway construction projects

​WisDOT’s ability to successfully manage and deliver its program is largely dependent on an ability to develop realistic estimates of project cost for both construction and services to deliver and oversee the project. Cost estimating involves not only the collection of relevant factors relating to the scope of a project and the cost of resources, but it also requires anticipating cost impacts that may occur due to changes in project scope, available resources, and national and global market conditions.

Estimates are central to establishing the basis for key project decisions, for establishing the metrics against which project success will be measured and for communicating the status of a project at any given point in time. Logical and reasonable cost estimates are necessary in maintaining public confidence and trust throughout the life of a project.

Accurate estimates serve as a benchmark for analyzing bids, are an essential element in awarding proposals, and are the base for funding our statewide design and construction programs.

An estimate is one component of the PS&E package and it is expected to be accurate and created using sound engineering judgment.

The goal of this website is to provide estimating tools and support for designers producing project estimates. Please send us an email if you have suggestions for additional guidance

The Engineer's Estimate is always confidential, and the contractor's bid tab information is confidential until after the proposal is awarded. See our policy in the confidentiality memo.

Estimating guidelines and tools are also available in the Facilities Development Manual Section 19-5.

The Bureau of Project Development reviews each proposal after the letting to ensure that the proposal meets the requirements of the unbalanced bid analysis. See Section 2-10.2.1 (Unbalanced Bid Analysis) in the CMM for further details.

Estimating User Group

The objective of estimating user group is to review, develop and recommend WisDOT procedures and best practices on cost estimating for projects. Under the leadership of the Proposal Management Section in the Bureau of Project Development, this includes cost estimate training, maintaining the Estimating Webpages and maintaining most of FDM 19-5.

Estimating user group members (October ​2023)​​

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