Estimate training

The Estimate Training Site contains available construction estimate training videos and past presentations. The training videos are based upon FDM 19-5 along with tools and resources linked in this FDM section.

Training Videos

As the FDM, estimating tools and resources are updated, the training videos will be updated.

Estimate Documentation Report Training ​(16:59 runtime, April 2021)
This training walks through FDM 19-5-6, Estimate Documentation Report. Estimate documentation is required for all WisDOT let proposals. The purpose of the documentation is to provide a record of the decisions made during the development of the proposal cost estimate. Reviewers will use the documentation during the estimate review process as outlined in FDM 19-5-7.

Quantities to Plans (Q2P) Training (2:41:54 runtime, February 2021)

Quantities 2 Plans (Q2P) is an Excel Add-in with its own command ribbon that assists the user in quantity computations, comparing various bid item unit prices, creating miscellaneous quantity tables, and building & maintaining the construction estimate. Estimates and quantities maintained in Excel can be exported to Estimator or AASHTOWare Preconstruction (AWP) and vice versa.

  • Session 1 – First time users: 0:00
  • Session 2 – Starting a project in Q2P: 8:57
  • Session 3 – Working with bid items: 21:07
  • Session 4 – Creating miscellaneous quantity sheets: 35:08
  • Session 5 - Modifying miscellaneous quantity sheets: 1:06:46
  • Session 6 - Creating miscellaneous quantity plan sheets: 1:30:30
  • Session 7 - Estimate documentation: 1:47:41
  • Session 8 - Export to AWP: 2:12:17
  • Session 9 - Tips and tricks: 2:17:31
  • Session 10 - Item reconciliation: 2:32:14

Estimating Webpages (26:22 runtime, March 2021)

The Estimating Webpages provide information, estimating tools and support for designers producing construction estimates. These pages contain estimate information, such as the estimate documentation template and estimating tools created and maintained by the department linked in the FDM.


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