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NOTE: This tool is for WisDOT staff ONLY.

Quantities 2 Plans (Q2P) is an Excel workbook that enables the user to create miscellaneous quantity plan sheets, while linking to the quantity calculations and listing cost estimate data.

User Guide

View Q2P User Guide (September 15, 2016)


View Q2P Communications document (September 15, 2016)

The Q2P Communications document is a consolidation of emails sent to the Q2P Distribution List. Those emails typically contain material that is not necessarily training material, or does not fit the format of the user guide. Topics such as:

  • Tips & tricks and best practices
  • Troubleshooting
  • Notification of updates

This material will likely find its way into the user guide, but the communications document also serves as a log for those changes and notifications.

View Q2P presentation (December 5, 2012)

  • An overview of Q2P that was presented in all regions during the fall of 2012.


For DOT computers, fill out the "Get Hardware/Software" request form from the IT Service Catalog located on the dotnet.

Q2P will not function correctly without a proper installation. Just copying the Q2P.XLTM and Q2P-Macros.XLAM files over to a new workstation is inadequate.


Questions or problems with Q2P should be directed to the Q2P mailbox or directed to the individuals in each office who are most familiar with the tool, listed below in Q2P Support Staff by Region. Update notifications and miscellaneous help topics will be emailed to the distribution list and added to the communications document.

Anyone interested in Q2P may subscribe to the email distribution list at no charge.



Q2P support staff by region

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