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​Quantities 2 Plans (Q2P) is an Excel workbook ribbon that assists the user in quantity computations, comparing various bid item unit prices, creating miscellaneous quantity tables, and building & maintaining the design project estimate. As an excel spreadsheet, Q2P allows compatibility with either AutoCAD C3D or Microsoft PowerPoint when creating miscellaneous quantity plan sheets. Q2P is also capable of exporting estimate data into AASHTOWareTM Project (AWP).

User Guide

View Q2P User Guide (August 14, 2019)


  • For WisDOT computers, go to MyDOT and select the IT Service Portal. Then once logged in, click on the box for Applications/Software. Click on "Software - Request New" to start a ticket to have Q2P installed on your computer. Once installed, refer to the installation instructions linked below and follow the steps listed under the section "Instruction for PC used by multiple Windows logins" to finish the installation.
  • For users outside of WisDOT, you will need security access to your computer for the ability to run an executable file (.exe). Please consult with your organization's IT security policies and personnel prior to installing. Please follow to the installation instructions linked below. If you don't see the Q2P ribbon after initial install, try following the steps listed under the section "Instruction for PC used by multiple Windows logins". The link to the installation file is listed below.

Q2P Installation Instructions Read-me (August 15, 2019)

Q2P Installer (August 15, 2022)


WisDOT users encountering issues with Q2P not working on their machine should contact the IT Service Desk or the individuals in each office who are most familiar with the tool, listed below in Q2P Support Staff by Region.

Outside users that have questions or problems with Q2P should email the Q2P mailbox

Anyone interested in Q2P may subscribe to the email distribution list.



Additional Resources

PowerPoint MQ Plan Sheet​ (Horizontal sheet template to be used for MQ plan sheets)

PowerPoint MQ Plan Sheet Rotated (Vertical sheet template to be used for MQ plan sheets)

WisDOT Estimating Tools Website

WisDOT AASHTOWare Project (AWP) Knowledge Base (Instructions on creating estimates and using AWP)

Quantities to Plans (Q2P) Training (​2:41:54 runtime, February 2021)

(The description on the YouTube page has links to different topics within the video)​

Q2P support staff by region

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