WIS 15 Expansion - US 45 - Lily of the Valley Dr.

NOTE: This project is currently under construction. For construction information, staging,traffic impacts, and current work underway, please see the WIS 15 construction website​.​

Project location

WIS 15, US 45 to Lily of the Valley Dr., in New London, Hortonville and Greenville, in Outagamie County.

​Project overview

  • WIS 15 is a busy commuter route between New London and Fox Cities area. This project will increase safety, enhance economic development and lower transportation costs in the region by expanding 11 miles of WIS 15 to a 4-lane divided highway bypassing village of Hortonville.
  • Roundabouts are planned at the two locations, one on each side of Hortonville, where proposed bypass meets existing WIS 15.
  • WisDOT studied WIS 15 to determine the best way to provide additional roadway capacity and improve operational efficiency and traffic safety.
    • Capacity must be added to serve existing and forecasted traffic volumes. Heavy congestion is expected by 2025 if WIS 15 is not expanded.
    • WIS 15 to be expanded to 4-lane divided highway.
    • At-grade intersections to be constructed at the two points where the proposed bypass meets existing WIS 15.
  • WisDOT evaluated several corridor alternatives and selected the preferred corridor June 2007.
  • Project cost estimated at $134.7 million.


Why is this project needed?

This segment of WIS 15 is an important regional route that connects the Appleton metropolitan area with Greenville, Hortonville, New London, and other local communities. Traffic forecasts along the corridor exceed the threshold for a 4-lane facility and analysis shows that without an expansion, WIS 15 has a failing level of service by 2040. In addition, heavy regional traffic currently conflicts with local traffic through the village of Hortonville. Studies show 75% of eastbound traffic and 52% of westbound traffic have destinations beyond Hortonville. A WIS 15 bypass of Hortonville is needed to separate the regional and local traffic. Expansion of existing WIS 15 through the village is not an option due to narrow corridor and severe business/property impacts. Safety is a major concern along the corridor as crash data shows the WIS 15 segments east and west of Hortonville both have a crash rate higher than the statewide average for a rural 2-lane highway. Roughly 300 existing access points along WIS 15 and growing traffic volumes contribute to increasing conflicts along the corridor.

Preferred alternative and selected corridor

  • WisDOT evaluated several corridor alternatives and selected preferred alternative June 2007.
  • Preferred corridor was selected based on level of mobility it provides for traveling public, based on goals to minimize overall impact on surrounding environment, and it also received the most favorable comments from regulatory agencies, local agencies, and the general public.
  • View selected corridor map


Capacity must be added to serve existing and forecasted traffic volumes. Heavy congestion is expected by 2025 if WIS 15 is not expanded. Current average daily traffic counts:

  • April 2019 daily count east of Hortonville: 18,700
  • April 2019 daily count in Hortonville: 13,200
  • April 2019 daily count west of Hortonville: 10,200

Project benefits/anticipated outcomes

  • Safety - Changes in roadway design can help reduce safety and crash related issues
  • Enhanced economic development - Easier travel means easier transfer of goods and services
  • Lower transportation costs - Shorter trips and travel times mean less fuel consumption
  • Enhanced access - An improved facility will help manage access and provide better coordination for the local road network

Temporary Business Signing

Temporary business signing may be placed during the detoured portion of the project by filling out a WisDOT business signing permit. All temporary business signing needs approval via the permit before placement to ensure it is in a safe location and does not pose a visual distraction or traffic hazard. The temporary business signing permit is free. Costs associated with creating the temporary sign are the responsibility of the business.

Please keep the following items in mind regarding business signing:

  • Temporary business signing cannot be placed on traffic control devices or state signs. Business signs attached to these devices will be removed.
  • It is encouraged that businesses team up to have multiple businesses advertised on one sign structure versus several individual signs. This makes it easier for travelers to identify signs and find their destination.

Temporary Business Sign permits are available as a fillable-form WORD download (below) or you can request one from WisDOT Project Manager Tim Rank, P.E. at (920) 360-2579 or email at Tim.Rank@dot.wi.gov.

Please email the completed permit to Tim Rank, or if you prefer to mail the completed form, please address to: Tim Rank, WisDOT NE Region, 944 Vanderperren Way, Green Bay, WI 54304.

In This Together Business Resource

WisDOT recognizes businesses located in work zones have special needs. While signing and other marketing/advertising during the construction is up to the business, WisDOT has business resources available through its “In This Together” website to assist businesses with planning for construction closures and to minimize the impact of construction. For more information, please visit WisDOT’s In This Together website at https://wisconsindot.gov/Together.