US 18/151 Freeway Conversion Study

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Project location

US 18/151, US 18/151 (Dodgeville) to County MV (Verona), Dane and Iowa counties.

Project overview

  • US 18/151 is an important roadway connecting the major Midwest cities of Dubuque, Iowa and Madison, Wisconsin and is identified as a Backbone Route in WisDOT's Connections 2030 Plan.
  • The plan places high priority in protecting these highway investments that connect major economic/population centers and carry long-distance, statewide traffic.
  • The purpose of this study is to develop a long-term highway plan for converting this 28 mile portion of US 18/151 to a freeway.
  • The study will result in a plan for the eventual removal of all direct access by existing local roads and driveways onto US 18/151.
  • This study is focusing on identifying and planning improvements to long-term access to and from the corridor, not adding additional capacity (travel lanes on US 18/151).


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  • 2015-2018 - Complete official re-evaluation of the environmental documentation in the Barneveld Area, create draft map of proposed right of way, hold Statutory 84.295 hearings, adopt and record official map, and incorporation of mapped right of way into long-range plans by local communities.
  • 2017 - Construction activity in Ridgeway scheduled.

Past (anything prior to today)


  • May 2014 - Environmental Study completed
  • January 3, 2014 - Environmental Assessment (EA) comments due



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Environmental Study completed May 2014, with construction activity in Ridgeway scheduled for 2017. (see Study Section 2 on Maps page for details)

Contact information

Section 2 - County BB to County HHH

Chris Hazard, WisDOT Design Project Manager
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Tom Koprowski, WisDOT Project Manager

Michael Bie, WisDOT Southwest Region Communications Manager
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